Self Hypnosis Book

Self-Hypnosis for the Life You Want

by Charles E. Henderson, PhD

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Self hypnosis book

Self Hypnosis for the Life You Want

by Charles E. Henderson PhD

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This self hypnosis book is a training manual. It shows you how to tap the amazing power of your subconscious mind. No prior experience with hypnosis required.

It’s written in an easy mix of humor and down to earth, easy to follow instructions. You learn how to achieve any goal that depends on your own efforts.

This self hypnosis book is a unique and powerful joining of hypnosis, suggestion, and subconscious questioning. It can be applied to any personal goal.

  • Lose weight and keep it off
  • Quit smoking, even if you’ve failed before
  • Better sports performance
  • Improve concentration and memory
  • Develop more and better personal relationships
  • Overcome shyness
  • Strengthen persuasion and influence
  • Improve academic performance and make better grades
  • Be more successful in your career
  • Improve and maintain health
  • Be more creative
  • Control stress, be more relaxed

This is just a short list of the possibilities. This self hypnosis book gives you step by step instruction. So you can be your natural awesome self.


This self hypnosis book is the long awaited work by the best selling author of You Can Do It with Self-Hypnosis. Based on his own breakthrough research and years of professional experience, Dr. Henderson shows that:

  • Self hypnosis is a tool of awesome power that can work for anyone.
  • All hypnosis is self hypnosis and a deep trance state is not required to get quick and dramatic results.
  • Seemingly impossible goals can be achieved with properly formulated and applied hypnosis suggestions.
  • Subconscious logic is different. You must know how it is different to make significant achievements.
  • Subliminal communication is critically important. It plays an important role in all change. And it can be managed with suggestion.

This book is a feast of ideas and information about who we are. Why we do or don’t do things. And how to be awesome by becoming our true selves!

The book is 300 pages long with 12 chapters:

  1. You Can Do It with Self-Hypnosis
         Steps for Change
    Unlimited Possibilities
  2. Hypnotic Induction
    Induction Procedure
    Alternative Deepening Techniques
  3. Hypnotic Depth
    Measurement of Hypnotic Depth
    Advanced Deepening Techniques
  4. Deep Relaxation
  5. The Conscious Mind
    Preconscious Mind
    The Spirit of the Machine
    The Myth of Willpower
    The Principle of Passive Direction
  6. The Subconscious Mind
         Subliminal Perception
    Subconscious Logic
    Language, Literality, and Sleep Learning
    Primary Functions of the Subconscious
    Mystery and Power
  1. Autoquestioning
    Ideomotor Techniques
    Questioning Strategies
    Schematic for Questioning
  2. Suggestion
    Scientific Proof of the Power of Suggestion
    Implicit Suggestions
    Explicit Suggestions
    Sources of Dysfunction
    Categories of Suggestion
    Laws of Suggestion
    Subliminal Control
  3. Verbal Suggestion Formulation
         Wording Verbal Suggestions
    Subliminal Suggestions
  4. Image Suggestion Formulation
         Imagination Power
    Kinds of Meaning
    Metaphors and Similes
    Healing Imagery
    Image Rehearsal
  5. Suggestion Application
    Three Application Rules
    Hypnosis Suggestions
    Waking Suggestions
    Alternate Reality Dreams
    Anticipatory Role Behavior
  6. Persuasion and Influence through Autosuggestion
         Nonverbal Control
    The Right Image for You
    Image Shaping Suggestions

About the author:

Charles E. Henderson PhD is the author of several books. They include the self hypnosis book You Can Do It with Self-Hypnosis, the best selling Prentice-Hall book. Psychologist, professor, clinician, he is internationally recognized as a leading authority on the practical and clinical applications of hypnosis.

All-In Selling book by neuroscientist and subliminal authority Charles Edwin Henderson, PhD