self hypnosis book by Charles E. Henderson PhD

Self-Hypnosis for the Life You Want

Self-hypnosis books — top listings in all categories. Psychologists and mind scientists from around the world acclaim this work as one of the best books on hypnosis ever written for the non-professional. It is the result of decades of research with thousands of people of all ages and from all walks of life.

The author — a clinician, researcher and college teacher — developed a unique method of personal improvement that works where other methods fail. His self-hypnosis books are heralded far and wide as among the best.

Based on his clinical and research experience, the author pioneered a method of communicating with the subconscious mind called subconscious questioning, or  autoquestioning. With this method the layman can put together a specially tailored plan and strategy of personal development that makes it difficult to fail.

His self-hypnosis books can produce success at anything. Lose weight, quit smoking, improve memory. Control shyness or fear. In fact anything that depends on your own efforts. These and many more are much easier. Dr. Henderson’s self-hypnosis books produce success with a personalized plan that develops subconscious agreement with the conscious goal. This book shows you how to get that agreement in ways that are unique and unavailable anywhere else.

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Two self-hypnosis books that could forever change your life for the better.

With either of these books you can do anything that depends on your own efforts

Weight Control  •  Quitting Smoking  •  Sports Performance  •  Concentration & Memory •  Personal Relationships  • Overcoming Shyness  •  Persuasion & Influence  •  Academic Performance  •  Career Success  •  Better Health  •  Creativity

Almost everyone has something they really want to do but success has eluded them. It can also be something they don’t want to do, like bad habits. Everyone has at least some experience of failure like this. And it is natural to wonder, “Is there something wrong with me?”

“I was literally shocked at how easy it was to lose weight and control it once I stopped beating myself up about failed willpower and started using self-hypnosis”

Here are a few of the achievements or problems self-hypnosis can help with:

  • Quit smoking. Willpower won’t work for lots of people. Self-hypnosis is the best way to do it.
  • Improve friendships and your relations with spouse and others. Get to know people who are more interesting and exciting.
  • Sleep better. Gain control over dreams, especially alternate reality dreams. This is covered in detail in Self-Hypnosis for the Life You Want.
  • Lose weight and keep it off, even if you have gone way over the edge.
  • Develop a better attitude. Control doldrums, snits, and generally crappy moods.
  • Control jealousy.
  • Perform better at sports.
  • Improve memory and concentration.
  • Improve career success. Self-hypnosis is great for improving your prospects in life.
  • Develop greater sales ability. We are all selling, in one way or another, so improvement in this skill can’t hurt.
  • Raise academic performance and grades.
  • Overcome shyness, stage fright and other fears.
  • Experiment with age- and past-life regression. Whether or not such things exist is a matter of controversy, but what you can do with self-hypnosis can be very interesting.
  • Be more creative. Like salesmanship, we could all use more creativity.

Topics like this, and many more, are covered in these two books.

The book on the left, Self-Hypnosis for the Life You Want, is the latest and goes into more detail in all aspects of self-hypnosis. It takes the reader from beginner to advanced and can be used to delve as deeply into the subject as the reader desires.

The book on the right, You Can Do It with Self-Hypnosis, is the earlier book and, although it covers all the necessary topics to use self-hypnosis for life change, it is not as comprehensive in the treatment of topics.

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You Can Do It with Self-Hypnosis

Long considered a classic, this 1987 book, originally published by Prentice-Hall Press (New York), has been out of print for several years. It is now available in Kindle format from Amazon and from Biocentrix in Adobe PDF format on CD (read only, not audio).

This book presents a complete system for achieving what you want from yourself. It shows you how to develop superior self-control. It gives step-by-step details, with complete instructions, for how to develop and use self-hypnosis to improve every aspect of your life.

These methods are unique. They are the basis of a highly acclaimed training program conducted by the author in cities across the United States. More than 40,000 people have attended his popular training seminars.

By the way, the PDF version on CD and the Kindle version from are both complete and unabridged. Every page of the best-selling original is included and looks just like the original pages. The difference is, you have to read it on a Kindle (the version) or on your computer or other device screen (the PDF version). Sorry, the print-on-paper version is out of print and no longer available.

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