Psychosonic™ Rhythm

woman listening to self-hypnosis-audio rhythm

Faster, deeper, more effective hypnosis with the Psychosonic™ audio rhythm. This pleasantly pulsating sound was developed in scientific research by Dr. Charles E. Henderson.

This audio aid is computer generated and correlates closely with neuroscientific algorithms. It is a bi-modal, intra-phasic set of dual rhythms. They are calibrated to dissonate at just the right frequency for the desired subconscious response.

Fortunately you don’t have to know all that technical stuff. Just listen to the rhythm while practicing hypnosis. Hypnosis or self-hypnosis, either one.

It doesn’t have to be loud. If you can barely hear it, that’s loud enough. Unless of course you want to mask out those pesky distracting sounds of lawn mowers or other people’s kids playing. (You probably don’t think of sounds made by your own children as “pesky.” Most of the time.)

The advantages provided by the self-hypnosis-audio rhythm are that it:

  • Masks distracting noises (airplanes, lawnmowers, sirens, traffic, etc.).
  • Induces brain wave potentials favorable to development of hypnosis states.
  • Makes suggestions more effective. This quality is enhanced with the addition of subliminal embeds (optional in all cases).
  • Presents an aural target which helps you keep your focus.

The Psychosonic self-hypnosis-audio rhythm is perfectly safe. It does not “do” anything to you.

Safety Note: However it should not be used by those with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS) or other conditions of abnormal excessive or synchronous neuronal activity or who have suffered traumatic brain injury.

Self-Hypnosis-Audio Rhythm Imbeds

There are two versions of the Psychosonic self-hypnosis-audio rhythm . One has subliminal cues embedded in it, the other does not. Both versions are always clearly identified for those who particularly want one or the other.

psychosonic self-hypnosis-audio rhythm sampleClick to hear a sample of the Psychosonic self-hypnosis-audio rhythm.

There are several ways to get the Psychosonic self-hypnosis-audio rhythm by itself for self-guided hypnosis practice.

MP3 download. Psychosonic self-hypnosis-audio rhythm with NO Subliminal Cues. 30 minutes:  US$9.95   

MP3 download. Psychosonic self-hypnosis-audio rhythm WITH Subliminal Cues. 30 minutes: US$9.95  Add to Cart

All of the following CDs contain bands with the Psychosonic Rhythm by itself:

All-In Selling book by neuroscientist and subliminal authority Charles Edwin Henderson, PhD