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It seems out of reach to quit smoking until you apply the awesome power of your subconscious mind to do it. Then it gets easy.

Quit smoking with this 16-minute hypnosis induction with special suggestions to help you quit smoking. The Psychosonic™ Rhythm plays gently in the background.

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“I thought I had good willpower but I tried many times to quit smoking and never could. A friend told me about Dr. Henderson’s program and with it I was finally able to quit. This is my 5th year of being free from tobacco. I’m a new person.” 

Every time you try and fail to quit smoking makes it harder the next time you try. Short circuit this painful and destructive cycle with hypnosis. Just listen to this recording of Dr. Henderson’s famous quitting smoking hypnosis induction. And quit once and for all.

For quitting smoking or overcoming dependency on any substance, self-hypnosis works wonders. Regardless of  your habit or addiction, self-hypnosis can help. You can eliminate the craving and feel comfortable about life without tobacco or other addictions.

By the way, we now know for sure what we’ve always suspected. Tobacco is an addiction like heroin and it is twice as hard to kick. So stop beating yourself up and worrying about your lack of willpower and do it the easy way.

The sooner you abandon tobacco, the better for you and your future. But you already knew that. But now you know something you perhaps did not know. That hypnosis is the smart, easy way to quit smoking. Give yourself this gift and reap the benefits from now on.

Quit Smoking the Easy Way

What could be easier than listening to a pleasant recorded induction talk a few minutes a day? (At the end of this article you will see a link you can click on to hear a sample of Dr. Henderson’s voice.)

Sounds too easy, you say? Here is a story about Dr. Henderson’s quit smoking hypnosis induction that has become legend among smoking cessation professionals. It reads like one of those urban myths. It is not a myth. It really happened.

A long time smoker named Nina was a friend of one of the staff in Dr. Henderson’s office at the university. Nina was herself a healthcare professional. So she knew full well the dangers of smoking. She had been toying with the thought that she should quit smoking. She was curious about the Quitting Smoking tape, so she borrowed one from her friend. Just to see what it was like.

[Tape? you’re thinking. Yes. It was an audio cassette tape. It was a long time ago. But, now on CD and available through download, is still the same powerful induction talk that made Nina quit smoking.]

Nina returned the quit smoking tape the next day. She didn’t know whether to be happy are angry. She said she had listened to the tape just once and now she couldn’t smoke. She was miffed because she had not conclusively decided to quit smoking. But after listening to the tape just once, she had lost all desire to smoke. She had in fact not been able to smoke even when she tried. That was many years ago and as far as anyone knows Nina still does not smoke.

Does it work that way for everyone? Does everyone quit smoking after hearing the induction just once? Of course not! This is not that kind of planet. But it does work that way for some. And even if it does not, everyone who sticks with it will eventually quit smoking. It’s just a matter of time.

Hypnosis is such an effective way to quit smoking because it brings your subconscious mind into alignment with your conscious mind. It is the subconscious which controls your desire to smoke. So get subconscious agreement to quit smoking and it becomes easy.

All of us who are former nicotine addicts  have the same message. Quit smoking. Now. For yourself. For your loved ones. For your health. And for your future.

Why this is different . . .

Not all hypnotic inductions are equal. Just throwing together some mumbo-jumbo phrases out of a Hollywood movie will not produce an effective induction talk that works. Especially when the suggestions are for quitting smoking.



It takes years of practice and research with topics like psycholexicography, subliminal overtones of voice and modulation, subtonic and subliminal thresholds, and much more. Anyone can sound like he knows what he is doing, but conducting an induction talk that really works is hard work.

This recorded induction talk is the product of years of research and practice with thousands of volunteers and people of all ages from all walks of life. It works for the largest number of people possible and gets results that are outstanding.

As you can see, something that seems as simple as a few minutes of hypnotic induction talk actually has a lot in it, and a lot of experience and research behind it. So don’t waste your time with stage hypnotists, amateurs or un-credentialed practitioners. Get the real thing to permanently quit smoking.

When you listen to this induction it will seem easy and natural. Because it is. You don’t have to work at it or worry about drifting off into a “trance” where you are unaware of anything being said. (That’s called “sleep.”) The effectiveness does not come from some bizarre altered state of awareness. The power is in the timing, delivery and language. All you have to do is just listen and not worry about “being hypnotized.”

The Psychosonic™ Rhythm is in the background of the Quitting Smoking induction. It plays gently in the background and helps generate brain waves conducive to hypnosis while masking distracting sounds. A lot of research went into the development of this psychodynamic rhythm.picture of face

To hear a sample of the rhythm just click on Chelsea’s face.

How to download...

Not sure how to download? There’s not much to it, really. Your computer (pad, phone, what have you) will do most of the work.

1) Click on the ADD TO CART button.

2) Complete the payment information and finalize your purchase.

3) Give your approval to download with a click of your mouse.

4) Wait while the mp3 file automatically downloads to your device. Note the file name and directory of the download. (You can always find it with “show downloads” in your browser’s menu.)

Go to the downloaded file and double click on it to begin playing.

Almost all equipment now comes with software that will play mp3 files. It is now on your device and you can listen to it whenever and as often as you like.

Charles E. Henderson, Ph.D.This is a recording of Dr. Charles E. Henderson‘s hypnosis induction with suggestions to quit smoking. He was a smoker of many years who had difficulty quitting until he developed these special hypnosis suggestions to quit smoking. So he originally developed this quit smoking method for himself, using it to break the tobacco addiction after more than 30 years of smoking. It has since been tested and successfully used by thousands of smokers (and dippers and chewers) of all ages and all walks of life.

Listen to a sample of Dr. Henderson’s voice.

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