Overcome Shyness

with this recorded professional hypnosis induction you can download

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No need to be stranded and alone because of shyness.

A 15-minute hypnosis induction talk with specially formulated, powerful suggestions to help you overcome shyness. Just listen daily to free yourself from the inconvenience and discomforts of shyness.

This recorded hypnosis induction talk comes in three versions:

NO rhythm NO subs: Overcome shyness hypnosis induction talk only, no Psychosonic™ Rhythm in background, no subliminal imbeds. (Please see “More on subliminal messages” in the right hand column.)

WITH rhythm, NO subs: Psychosonic Rhythm softly in background, no subliminal imbeds.

WITH rhythm + subs: Psychosonic Rhythm softly in background, subliminal imbeds in the rhythm.

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“My husband bought the overcome shyness induction three weeks ago, and is finding himself starting conversations with people on his own! He used to find excuses to leave meetings early so he wouldn’t need to talk to people, when the meeting was over. He would hide when a meeting had a break. Now he doesn’t! He is surprising himself.”

The overcome shyness induction talk and its suggestions revise the way you subconsciously see yourself. It constructs a more positive self image. When your subconscious belief that you are less self-conscious and bashful will make you that way. The way you act is determined by your self image. So a more assertive image of yourself will result in less shyness.

How to download...

Not sure how to download? There’s not much to it, really. Your computer (pad, phone, what have you) will do most of the work.

1) Click on the ADD TO CART button.

2) Complete the payment information and finalize your purchase.

3) Give your approval to download with a click of your mouse.

4) Wait while the mp3 file automatically downloads to your device. Note the file name and directory of the download. (You can always find it with “show downloads” in your browser’s menu.)

Go to the downloaded file and double click on it to begin playing.

Almost all equipment now comes with software that will play mp3 files. It is now on your device and you can listen to it whenever and as often as you like.

Listen regularly to this induction and you will become more comfortable in the kinds of situations that used to leave you immobile and locked in silence. You will find you are more comfortable talking around others and it will be easier to assert yourself and your rights.

While nothing in life is 100 percent effective 100 percent of the time, most people improvement in their shyness within 21 days.

This program won’t make you a loud mouthed extrovert. It will not turn you into another person. But you will find yourself naturally changing your shyness-related behavior. So you will become more assertive. Please note: more assertive, not more aggressive or pushy.

You will discover the excitement of becoming more assertive.

  • You’ll notice subtle changes in areas like social confidence.
  • You will begin to feel more comfortable around others.
  • Speaking up in a group will be much easer.
  • Public speaking will be much less terrifying.
  • You will speak and act when you want to, rather than remaining silent out of fear.

There is nothing wrong with your personality. You just need to be able to be your natural self around others. That’s what it means to overcome shyness.

Shyness is not all bad. Everyone should have a little of it. But too much shyness can take the joy out of life. You don’t have to put up with that. Get this induction and overcome shyness so you can be the real you.

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To hear a sample of the Psychosonic Rhythm, just click on Chelsea’s face.

If  you choose one of the downloads with the Psychosonic Rhythm in the background it will help mask distracting sounds while you listen.
To hear a sample of the rhythm just click on Chelsea’s face.

To order the download with or without the rhythm, please make your choice before clicking the ADD TO CART button (but you can still change your mind before you place your order).

Why is this induction different?

Not all hypnotic inductions are equal. Just throwing together some mumbo-jumbo phrases out of a Hollywood movie will not produce an effective induction talk that works. Especially when the suggestions are for overcoming shyness.

It takes years of practice and research with topics like psycholexicography, subliminal overtones of voice and modulation, subtonic and subliminal thresholds, and much more. Anyone can sound like he knows what he is doing, but conducting an induction talk that really works is hard work.

This recorded induction talk is the product of years of research and practice with thousands of volunteers and people of all ages from all walks of life. It works for the largest number of people possible and gets results that are outstanding.

As you can see, something that seems as simple as a few minutes of hypnotic induction talk actually has a lot in it, and a lot of experience and research behind it. So don’t waste your time with stage hypnotists, amateurs or un-credentialed practitioners. Get the real thing.

When you listen to this induction it will seem easy and natural. Because it is. You don’t have to work at it or worry about drifting off into a “trance” where you are unaware of anything being said. (That’s called “sleep.”) The effectiveness does not come from some bizarre altered state of awareness. The power is in the timing, delivery and language. All you have to do is just listen and not worry about “being hypnotized.”

Shyness is a highly personal topic and it is important that the chemistry be right between you and the person to whose voice you are listening.

Charles E. Henderson, Ph.D.The voice on this recording is Dr. Charles E. Henderson – research, academic and clinical psychologist. Despite the hat and barn coat, he is internationally recognized as a leading authority on the clinical and personal applications of hypnosis.

Listen to a sample of Dr. Henderson’s voice.


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