Increase Memory and Concentration

Use this Special Hypnosis Induction Recording for Better Concentration and Memory

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Concentration and memory improvement with self-hypnosis makes it easy for you to learn anything and remember it.

A 19-minute hypnotic induction with specially formulated suggestions to increase memory and concentration.

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This is a special hypnotic induction. It has suggestions designed to increase memory and concentration.

To “increase memory and concentration” means you improve both because they go hand in hand.

Regularly listening to this mp3 also increases your mental focus. Topics that are boring or that seem unimportant or irrelevant become easy to master.

Your memory improves naturally when your concentration gets better.

Memory improvement comes from the specially tailored suggestions in this induction. They will make you better at remembering names, faces, facts, or any other kind of information.

There is nothing strange of mystical about the hypnosis process. It’s natural. It’s easy. And you remain in control at all times. You never lose your awareness or ability to control yourself.

Hypnosis has been demonstrated in clinical and experimental conditions to produce dramatic improvement in the mental abilities of concentration and memory. This recorded induction talk by Dr. Charles E. Henderson uses a special induction procedure with powerful suggestions for rapid improvement. It has worked for many thousands of people of all ages and walks of life.

Listen to this recorded induction talk to develop a hypnotic state. You will hear general suggestions to increase memory and concentration for:

  • Deepening your depth of hypnosis with practice
  • Improvement in concentration and mental focus
  • Improvement in general memory and your confidence in it.

All you have to do is listen passively to these suggestions. They won’t work if you consciously resist them. You are always in control.

Just remain peaceful and relaxed and let the suggestions work their magic. No effort required on your part to increase memory and concentration.

Toward the end of the induction talk there are a few minutes of silence. While Dr. Henderson is silent you can apply your own personalized suggestions to increase memory and concentration. They don’t have to be fancy. Just brief, concise statements will do.

For example, if you often have trouble remembering where you put your keys, think to yourself a suggestion something like, “I always remember where my keys are.” It doesn’t have to be sophisticated. Just make a statement about what you want to be true. You can do several different suggestions – but anything above about four or five is probably more than you should apply in a given session.

And you don’t have to “say” your suggestions, just think them. A couple of repetitions are enough.

Other things that can help are conscious exercises and various forms of mental activities. These can help along with the kinds of glandular changes occurring from the hypnosis suggestions. In addition there are various strategies that have been shown to help increase memory and concentration.

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Charles E. Henderson, Ph.D.Dr. Charles E. Henderson
, researcher and psychologist, developed this program from many years of research. It is his voice on this professionally made recording to increase memory and concentration.

Hear a sample of Dr. Henderson’s voice.

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