Better Health Fitness

Take charge of your health with the power of self hypnosis

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Optimum health is more likely with the subconscious conditioning power of positive suggestions applied through self-hypnosis.

Better health fitness comes from mental alignment. Between the conscious and subconscious parts of your mind. This hypnotic induction talk helps you achieve that.


It gets you started so you can use self-hypnosis to improve and help control your health.

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Better Health Naturally

Better health fitness and its opposite are not just physical. When something is wrong with you, your whole body suffers. And your mind knows all about it.

Your mind and thoughts directly control health because they influence every cell in the body. Nothing holds more power over health and disease. And recovery from injury. Beliefs are paramount.

Because the mind and body are inseparably one, the biochemistry of the body is a product of awareness. Everything we believe, think, and feel contribute to the creation of the chemical reactions upon which our lives depend.

This hypnosis induction talk for better health fitness aligns the dynamic forces of the mind. It gets the conscious and subconscious minds in agreement with the concept of good health.

This works for both specific health problems and for staying healthy.

The better health fitness induction talk combines deep muscle relaxation with eidetic imagery. This has been clinically shown to promote healing and maintain health.


Constructing Better Health

Bring the conscious and subconscious minds into alignment and good things begin to happen.

Almost every category and kind of ailment can be influenced with hypnotic suggestion:

  • Hypertension, high blood pressure
  • Skin diseases like psoriasis and acne
  • Shingles and asthma
  • Colds and flu

And many more. Hypnosis suggestion is not a substitute for medical treatment but an adjunct to it. Suggestion can make any course of treatment work faster and more effectively.

Suggestion is also very helpful in the preparation for surgery or other procedures.

And in some cases hypnosis suggestion has been found to be effective when nothing else worked!

The Psychosonicâ„¢ Rhythm is in the background of the better health fitness induction talk.

This rhythm is a pulsating sound designed on the basis of research to assist in hypnotic and self-hypnotic inductions. As it plays gently in the background it helps generate brain waves conducive to hypnosis while masking distracting sounds.

To hear a sample of the rhythm just click on Chelsea’s face:

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Some people think that listening to an induction talk makes it more difficult to develop self-hypnosis. This is incorrect. It is actually the fastest way to learn and develop the skill of self-hypnosis.

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Betterhealth through Hypnosis

This better health fitness hypnosis induction makes it easier to avoid colds. You will learn how to make an illness less serious. And turn on the awesome healing power of your mind and body whenever necessary.

This ability already exists within you. You just have to learn how to put it to use.

Give Yourself More Stamina, Alertness and Energy

These are natural outcomes when your mind is aligned and working with your body. These characteristics contribute to better health fitness. And that includes the fitness part. Everything works better when you are internally aligned for positive outcomes.

Instructions for Use of the Better Health Fitness Hypnosis Induction

While the use of this better health fitness induction are simple and straightforward, the Instructions are available if you need them They have been kept separate because some people do not require any information on how to use the induction.



Charles E. Henderson, Ph.D.The voice on these recordings is Dr. Charles E. Henderson – research, academic and clinical psychologist. He is an internationally recognized authority on the uses of hypnosis for personal improvement and achievement.

Listen to a sample of Dr. Henderson’s voice.


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