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Hypnotic inductions and information for your own brand of awesome.
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Hypnosis Induction


Hypnosis induction talk to help you learn how to use hypnosis. Just listen to develop self-hypnosis (and learn how to do it on your). Available with or without subliminal messages and Psychosonic™ rhythm for enhanced effect. More…

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Weight Control


Weight reduction hypnosis induction by Dr. Charles E. Henderson. Has powerful suggestions to control food desires and energy control. Just listen to this hypnosis induction for fast, permanent weight reduction and control. With just a few minutes a day you can have the kind of eating control you didn’t think possible. More…

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Overcome Shyness


Hypnosis induction talk with especially powerful suggestions to overcome shyness and significantly reduce communication apprehension. Just listen daily to free yourself from the inconvenience and discomfort of shyness. Be more comfortable in social situations. Initiate conversations. Stop being the victim of social fears. Be more comfortable speaking up in groups. Also works well to overcome stage fright. More…

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Deep Relaxation


This is a 15 minute procedure for progressive muscle relaxation. It includes information and the tensing-releasing procedure to achieve really deep relaxation. This is considered one of the best methods for stress control without drugs or expensive treatments. Tension and stress are greatly reduced by the frequent exercise of deep relaxation. It also works well as a pre-hypnosis procedure for development of deeper hypnotic states. More…

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This audio MP3 includes two programs in one zip file. One is the instructions for suggestion formulation, and the other is instructions for suggestion application. With this one-two punch you learn how to formulate and use dynamic, fast acting suggestions. Suggestions must be correct to be effective. This is a full course in how to make and use suggestions. More…

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Quitting Smoking


This audio mp3 is a 16-minute hypnosis induction talk with powerfully effective suggestions for quitting smoking. This stops the desire to smoke and reduces or eliminates the withdrawal symptoms commonly associated with quitting smoking. Psychosonic™ rhythm in background. More…

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Concentration & Memory


Audio mp3 18-minute hypnosis induction talk. Has suggestions to improve your concentration and memory. It improves memory and concentration by overcoming mental blocks to more efficient processing of names, faces, facts, or any other kind of information. You just listen while the suggestions do the work. More…

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Better Health


This recorded audio mp3 download is a 15-minute hypnosis induction talk with suggestions for better health and the correction of existing health problems. The suggestions healing processes and improve general health. Often used in preparation for surgery or other medical or dental procedures. More…