Recorded Induction Talks

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Recorded Induction Talks

Learn the Magic of Self-Hypnosis from this Professional Recording Set

Hypnotic Induction CD

This is a recorded self hypnosis induction talk by Dr. Charles E. Henderson. It shows you how to use self hypnosis. To help you with just about anything that depends on your own efforts.

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This hypnosis induction talk

  • guides you into a hypnotic state, then
  • gives you post-hypnotic suggestions to help you get into deeper states of self-hypnosis each time you practice, then
  • gives suggestions that you will be able to get into self hypnosis on your own, and that
  • your own suggestions and self hypnosis induction will be maximally effective.

This is a powerful method for developing self hypnosis. All you have to do is listen as Dr. Henderson’s voice first takes you through a deep relaxation exercise. The blanket method is used. Then a hypnotic state is brought on with a deepening procedure.

The focal point of the induction comes when you develop your own “special place” with guided scene visualization.

There are 3 versions of the induction talk and a 4th band that is the special rhythm by itself.

Track 1. Hypnotic Induction Talk (plain, no subliminals and no Psychosonic™ Rhythm in the background) (19:20)

Track 2. Hypnotic Induction Talk + Psychosonic™ Rhythm but no subliminals) (19:20)

Track 3. Hypnotic Induction Talk + Psychosonic™ Rhythm + Subliminals (19:20)

Track 4. Psychosonic™ Rhythm only (no subliminals) (20:00)

Self Hypnosis for Everyone

This self hypnosis induction talk was scientifically developed and test in both clinical and lay conditions. Thousands of people of all ages and walks of life have used it. It is safe. It works.

There is also a four-minute break in the induction talk. The Psychosonic™ Rhythm continues on those versions that have it in the background. This is the time when you can apply your own suggestions.

Here are just a few of the many applications people have used this self hypnosis induction for:

  • Weight reduction
  • Quitting smoking
  • Improved memory and concentration
  • Shyness
  • Relaxation and stress management
  • Stage fright
  • Better health
  • and much more

Getting into self hypnosis with this CD offers 3 major benefits:

  1. You get started right away on the road to achievement and a more rapid mastery of self hypnosis.
  2. You have the benefit of expert guidance during your self hypnosis practice.  Practice makes permanent, not perfect. So it pays to do it right when you practice.
  3. You get more self-reliant as your skill with self hypnosis develops. You go deeper into self hypnosis and you do it quicker when you begin to practice self hypnosis on your own.

    The voice on the recordings on this CD is that of Dr. Charles E. Henderson – research, academic and clinical Charles E. Henderson, Ph.D.psychologist. He is internationally recognized as a leading authority on self hypnosis and its applications.

    Listen to a sample of Dr. Henderson‘s voice.

Subliminal messages embedded in Track 3 are a powerful method of getting the subconscious mind to pay attention. This adds force to the suggestions in the recording and to the suggestions you give yourself. (The subliminals are not actual “messages” – they don’t tell you to do anything.)

With practice you reach a point when you won’t need to listen to the CD each time you practice. Most people, once they have reached this point, listen only occasionally as a refresher. But it is your choice. You can continue to use the self hypnosis CD as long as you like.

If you need more information about how to formulate and apply hypnotic suggestions, please see one of Dr. Henderson’s books or one of the recorded media (download or CD).

About subliminal messages

Subliminal messages are not really “messages” in the normal sense. Subliminals, as they are usually called, are very limited. They cannot tell you to buy something or drink more of a particular liquid product. Nor can they encourage you to do something against your morals or that in any way violates your value system. Their primary purpose in these recorded inductions are to facilitate subconscious attention. They are like flags that say to the subconscious, “Hey, over here; listen up! This is important.” The subconscious is being encouraged (“strongly urged” would be more like it) to pay heed to the suggestions being made. The suggestions themselves are SUPRA-liminal. You can hear them. The subliminals are either below normal conscious hearing thresholds and cannot for the most part be consciously heard, or they are camouflaged to avoid conscious perception. One very effective way to obscure subliminals is to run them backwards. Yes, your subconscious mind does understand words played in reverse, as long as the language is one you know. Some people even speak in reverse, usually in their sleep. But that sounds different because the human speech apparatus cannot make the same sounds as a recorded word played in reverse. To be effective, subliminals must be obscured from conscious recognition. For reasons too complicated to get into here, subliminals perceived are no longer subliminals, they are supraliminal and no longer have the same effect. So there is no need to fear subliminals. The only true “messages” are in the suggestions themselves, and you can hear them. More…
When you listen to this induction it will seem easy and natural. Because it is. You don’t have to work at it or worry about drifting off into a “trance” where you are unaware of anything being said. (That’s called “sleep.”) The effectiveness of self hypnosis does not come from some bazarre altered state of awareness.



The power is in the timing, delivery and language. All you have to do is just listen and not worry about “being hypnotized.” Even more power comes from the Psychosonic™ Rhythm and subliminals, if you choose to listen to those versions of the self hypnosis induction.

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