Overcoming Shyness

Overcoming Shyness – Recorded Professional Hypnosis Induction

Overcoming shyness hypnosis induction with special suggestions by a leading researcher and specialist in overcoming shyness.

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When asked, more than half of Americans sampled admit they are bashful in certain situations. Overcoming shyness is rated as a top priority in their lives.

Some people are privately shy. Their sometimes aggressive behavior is really a cover-up for their shyness. Overcoming shyness allows them to be more natural. They stop having to be so aggressive.

Other people are publicly shy. They know they are shy, and so does everyone else. After overcoming shyness they are much more comfortable in social situations.

Whether yours is the public or private kind of shyness, this program can help you deal with it. You can and you deserve to overcome the discomfort and inconvenience of being shy.

  • BAND 1 Hypnotic Induction Talk with Suggestions (15:11). Just listen to the instructions and you will relax and go gently in a state of hypnosis. This induction talk includes specific instructions for overcoming shyness and a silent period during which you can instruct yourself with personalized suggestions and image rehearsals.
  • BAND 2 Information and Instructions (16:06). On this section of the CD you learn important information about shyness and how to overcome it. Includes information on formulating personalized suggestions for application during the induction exercise. Also directs you through some initial, easy steps for taking control of your shyness.

Overcoming Shyness bands, continued:

  • BAND 3  Hypnotic Induction Talk with Suggestions, Psychosonic™ Rhythm in background (15:11). This is the same induction talk as on Band 1 but with the addition of the Psychosonic Rhythm in the background. Helps develop a deeper state of hypnosis for faster response to the suggestions.
  • BAND 4 Hypnotic Induction Talk with Suggestions, Psychosonic Rhythm + Subliminal Cues (15:11). Same as Band 3 but there are subliminals in the rhythm in the background. They are not commands, simply subliminal cues that get the subconscious mind’s attention and make the suggestions – the ones you can hear – more influential and effective.

Knowledge about shyness can help in overcoming shyness. From this CD you will learn the five basic reasons for shyness and what to do about them. (See here for talking about shyness with children.)

The recorded information and instructions included on this CD are worth their weight in gold. You will learn how to make powerful suggestions that are tailored to your own individual needs. There is a period in the recorded hypnosis induction when you can apply these suggestions. The instructions for doing this are simple and complete.

The purpose of this self-hypnosis induction talk, and the suggestions in it, is to change your subconscious image of yourself. Change that, and your behavior changes too. As your subconscious image of yourself changes to one of less and less shyness, you will be overcoming shyness.

As you work with the program on this CD you will become more comfortable in the kinds of situations that used to leave you immobile and locked in silence.

As you begin to overcome shyness, you’ll find you are more comfortable talking around others. You’ll find it easier to assert yourself and your rights. And you’ll find it much easier to “be cool” in social situations.


Overcoming shyness with this program will not turn you into a back-slapping, loud-mouthed, extroverted carnival barker. You will not become another person. But you will change some of your shyness-related behaviors so you become more assertive. (Please note: more assertive, not more aggressive.)

You will notice subtle changes, changes in your social confidence and the way you feel more comfortable around others.

  • Public speaking becomes easier and more natural
  • State your opinions assertively and comfortably
  • Interact more freely with others
  • Be more social in group situations; initiate conversations

And please keep this in mind: There is nothing wrong with your personality!  You just need to be able to let your natural self come out when you are with other people.

Whether your shyness is the public or private type, you will begin immediately to feel better about yourself. Fast! Instructions for constructing eidetic images for image rehearsal produce fast change. (This is all explained on the CD.)

Shyness is not all bad. Everyone should have a little of it. But too much shyness can take the joy out of life. You don’t have to put up with that. Get this CD for overcoming shyness and learn how easy and natural it can be to start being the real you.

charles e. chuck henderson pictureThe voice on this recording is that of Dr. Charles E. Henderson – research, academic and clinical psychologist. He is internationally recognized as a leading authority on the clinical and personal uses of hypnosis.

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