Deep Muscle Relaxation

For Better Health, Performance and Sleep

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The Deep Muscle Relaxation procedure on this CD is Dr. Henderson’s famous muscle tensing-releasing procedure. He talks you through the steps that produce extremely deep, soothing relaxation.

By following the instructions on Band 1 and doing a 15-minute procedure a few times a week, you will soon feel like a new person.

The instructions are simple but important. To get the best muscle relaxation you want to do this right.

Band 2 is what you listen to to actually do the deep muscle relaxation procedure. Listen to it a few times a week for a couple of weeks and you’ll have it down pat in a short time. Then you can do it on your own.

Band 3 is the Psychosonic™ Rhythm by itself so you can practice on your own, at your own pace, without needing the instructions. The Psychosonic Rhythm also helps mask out any distracting noises.

Once you’re into it you’ll wonder why you ever put up so long with all those tensed-up muscles.

Here are some of the benefits people typically get from deep relaxation:

  • Sleep improvement. The practice of deep muscle relaxation teaches you how to make your muscles relax. This is a very important requirement for going to sleep quickly, staying asleep, and achieving deeper (REM) sleep.
  • Easier concentration and better memory. The connection between stress and poor concentration and weak memory has long been known. Regular practice of deep muscle relaxation reduces stress — it helps you de stress.
  • Fewer or no stress-related headaches. Headaches are often the result of stress and tension. Deep muscle relaxation is a natural cure for these kinds of headaches.
  • More mental energy and physical stamina. Tension and stress make you tired and drain you of energy. One of the most frequent comments from deep muscle relaxation practitioners is how much more energy they have, and how their minds seem to work better.

Deep Muscle Relaxation for Body and Mind

  • Improved work performance. Distractions and the actions of others are less bothersome so work is easier and more productive.
  • More tolerance of other people. When you’re relaxed it is easier to tolerate troublesome and irksome people.
  • Health improvement. The connection between lower stress levels and better health is quite strong.
  • Stress-related complexion and skin conditions improve.
  • Greater creativity.
  • Digestion improves, reduced indigestion. The health effects of regular deep muscle relaxation are beyond question.
  • Attitude improves, becomes more positive.
  • Weight control, quitting smoking, and the control of other habits is easier.

Deep muscle relaxation also helps you get deeper into self-hypnosis. Depth of relaxation and hypnotic depth are positively correlated. To state this from the other direction, it is difficult if not impossible to develop a useful depth of self-hypnosis if you are tense and unable to relax.

When you practice progressive muscle relaxation you are teaching your  body how to “let go” and eliminate tension.

“Muscle relaxation” sounds weak, but it isn’t. Far from it. One of the reasons that “deep” is in the title is to distinguish this from other so-called “relaxations.”

Watching a movie, reading a book, or playing a computer game are called “relaxation.”  But they are merely diversionary forms of relaxation.

In fact, many forms of so-called relaxation leave you more tense than when you started. Watching a sporting event is often laden with stress. So is playing a sport. (Like my dad always said, his golf handicap was his swing.)

Watching a movie or TV program can also be stressful. So just engaging in some diversionary activity does not mean you are actually getting relaxed. It is amazing how so many popular activities can actually be quite stressful.

This is not to suggest that you stop the activities you find pleasurable.

Just add to your daily life the brief and pleasant exercise of deep muscle relaxation. Do that and before long you will find yourself looking forward to practicing every day.

You will also be developing a skill – the ability to quickly achieve deep muscle relaxation – that you can apply anywhere. Have to make a speech? Practice a minute or two of deep muscle relaxation. After a month or so you will be able to do it that quickly.

Having trouble getting to sleep? Just recall your deep muscle relaxation and drift off naturally. No drugs. And no twisting and turning until the wee hours of the morning.

There are countless ways the skill of deep muscle relaxation will benefit you.

You owe it to yourself to give deep muscle relaxation a try. You will be amazed by the changes in yourself and the way you feel. Both physically and mentally.

So don’t miss out on one of the single greatest things you can ever do for yourself.

(This deep muscle relaxation talk is also available in a download version.)

charles e. chuck henderson pictureThe voice on this recording is that of Dr. Charles E. Henderson – research, academic and clinical psychologist. He is one of the world’s foremost authorities on natural relaxation procedures and their application to personal welfare and development.

Here is a sample of Dr. Henderson‘s voice.

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