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Lose weight easily and keep it off. This CD includes a specially worded hypnotic induction with suggestions that make it natural and easy to lose weight. It brings the subconscious mind into agreement for easier,  permanent weight loss and maintenance.

The Weight Control Induction on Band 1 is specially worded to produce a hypnotic state. There are suggestions for weight loss that are very effective. The induction talk and suggestions are a powerful combination. This has been found to be amazingly effective. It brings the subconscious mind into agreement with conscious desires. So you can develop a specific body type and image.

In today’s world there are far too many easily accessible, over-rich foods. And for most of us our work is not physically demanding. So to lose weight is a difficult challenge. Especially when it comes to keeping it off. And we’re not alone. Recent surveys have found that over 35 percent of the world’s population is seriously overweight. In this case there is no safety or comfort in numbers.

Too many people try to lose weight with willpower alone. You’ve probably already learned that is a really tough slog.  Think about it. How many people do you know who have lost weight and kept it off? Diet and exercise with willpower alone almost always ends in failure. Let’s face it, that kind of deprivation and discomfort just can’t be sustained by anyone in their right mind.

A person has to enjoy torture to lose weight with willpower.

Even when weight is lost, sooner or later willpower fades and the pounds reappear. Usually they bring new friends with them. That means we gain back more than we lost.

So you have to lose weight and keep it off without willpower. There’s only one way to do that. The subconscious part of your mind has to be brought into agreement with your conscious desire to lose weight. Hypnosis can do that better than anything else.

  • BAND 1 – A hypnotic induction talk with the Psychosonic™ Rhythm in the background. This is a specially worded induction talk. It has suggestions that bring the subconscious mind into alignment with conscious desires for weight loss and good health. It gets your body and mind working together to lose weight.

  • BAND 2 – Psychosonic Rhythm by itself. Use to practice self-hypnosis without the recorded induction talk on Band 1.

  • Band 3 – Better Health induction talk (17:16).

  • Band 4 – Instructions for the Better Health Induction (17:43)

Better Health Program Included

The Better Health hypnotic induction talk brings the dynamic forces of the mind into alignment with the ideal of good health.

This can be applied to the correction of specific health problems, or it can be used to maintain existing good health.

The Better Health tracks on this CD use a combination of relaxation and eidetic imagery that has been clinically shown to contribute to healing and health maintenance.

Hypertension … respiratory problems … skin diseases … colds and flu … ulcers … warts … these are just some of the health problems that have been shown to respond to these methods.

With this CD you will learn how you can often avoid colds, make any illness less serious, and trigger the powerful healing mechanisms of the body whenever necessary.

The power to do these things is already within you and the methods presented on this CD show you how to put that power to use.

Physical stamina, mental alertness, and abundant energy are natural outcomes when the mind and body work together harmoniously. When combined with a program of ongoing healthy nutrition and a common sense approach to personal health, this program can help you enjoy life more with good health.

Recent scientific studies show that placebo is usually as effective, and sometimes more effective, than drugs being tested. Placebo is suggestion. Hence we have an immense body of scientific literature attesting to the awesome power of suggestion.

Suggestion is at the core of this weight loss and better health program.

This is by no means a substitute for professional treatment. But it will make any course of treatment faster and more effective. And hypnotic suggestion is often effective where nothing else has worked! The healing, restorative, and health-producing powers of the mind are often more powerful and effective than any drug. This induction talk helps bring your natural forces into alignment to produce optimal health and vitality.

Psychosonic™ Rhythm

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The Psychosonic Rhythm is a pulsating sound designed on the basis of research to assist in hypnotic and self-hypnotic inductions. It helps generate brain waves conducive to hypnosis while masking distracting sounds.

Computer generated on the basis of neuroscientific algorithms, the rhythm is a “bi-modal, intra-phasic” set of dual rhythms calibrated to dissonate at just the right frequency.

  • Masks distracting noises (airplanes, lawnmowers, children, etc.).
  • Induces hypnotically favorable brain wave potentials.
  • Makes suggestions more effective.
  • Presents an aural target which helps keep the mind focused.

There are two versions of the Psychosonic Rhythm. One has subliminal cues embedded and the other does not. There are several ways to get the rhythm by itself for self-guided hypnosis practice.

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MP3 download. Psychosonic Rhythm WITH Subliminals. 30 minutes: US$3.99  Add to Cart

The following CD bands contain the Psychosonic Rhythm by itself:

All-In Selling book by neuroscientist and subliminal authority Charles Edwin Henderson, PhD