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Just Relax and Listen to this CD for Super Concentration and Memory

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This is a special hypnotic induction with suggestions to improve memory and concentration. Remember names, faces, facts, or any other kind of information.

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Hypnosis has been proven scientifically and in practice to dramatically improve memory and concentration. The hypnotic induction on this CD is specially worded. It improves memory and concentration. It works fast and it is easy. This will help you increase memory power and increase concentration at the same time.

You don’t have to put up with a bad memory. This is the natural way to improve memory and concentration. Without drugs or artificial gimmicks. You won’t need special learning techniques or memory strategies. You will know how to memorize anything.

The hypnotic induction talk on this CD contains specially worded suggestions to improve memory and concentration. There is nothing magic or mystical about it. Although the results of hypnosis often seem like magic.

This hypnotic approach to improve memory and concentration was originally developed in research for college students. It has since been shown to improve memory and concentration in everyone from high school students to senior citizens.

This method can improve memory and concentration in as short a time as two days. For some people It can take a little longer, but anyone who follows the instructions will see at least some improved within 21 days.

BAND 1 Instructions for Use (18:32)

  • How to develop the natural abilities you did not know you had.
  • How to identify, eliminate and avoid subconscious blocks to super concentration and memory.
  • How to construct a positive subconscious image to develop powerful concentration and memory.
  • How to focus hypnotic and waking suggestions for rapid and permanent improvement.

BAND 2 Hypnotic Induction (18:12)

  • Specially worded suggestions for rapid memory improvement.
  • Concentration-developing instructions to the subconscious mind.
  • Works equally well for academic as well as career applications where concentration and memory need improvement.

BAND 3 Psychosonic™ Rhythm (20:00)

  • For independent practice without the recorded induction talk.
  • Especially appropriate for applying your own tailored suggestions for concentration and memory improvement.
  • Develops induction strength as you learn to do it “on your own.”

It is a common misconception that people are born with good or bad memory. There are of course some differences between people’s memories. But for most the differences are smaller than you might think. Aside from a few really exceptional people, most of us have very similar memory capabilities.

So why does it seem like some of us have rotten memories while others’ are good?

There are many answers to this question. But the most common answer is this: Subconscious beliefs, attitudes and values. Most people with bad memories are subconsciously motivated to have bad memories. Most won’t believe this when told about it, but it frequently turns out to be true.

Here are some of the more common reasons this can happen:

  • Fear of being smart (yes, really!). This is more common in women than men.
  • Statements made by others during formative years — parents, teachers, authority figures, and so on. This is the “You’d forget your head if it wasn’t attached” kind of comment.
  • Subconscious fear of strangers (xenophobia). Usually relatively mild, but it does make it harder to remember names and faces.
  • Anxiety and stress, which interfere with attention. It is hard to remember anything you didn’t properly see or hear in the first place because you were unable to pay sufficient attention.

Suggestions applied during hypnosis can remedy these problems when they are not too severe. (If you believe you have sever problems you should consider seeking professional help.) Hypnotic suggestions are especially helpful when paired with a conscious desire to have a better memory.

The information and hypnosis induction on this CD have worked wonders for many probably like yourself. It changes subconscious attitudes and beliefs. Concentration also improves along with memory.

There is no question — and this is based on solid scientific research — that we use only a small fraction of our mental capabilities. That’s why people are so often amazed at how easily they improved their memory.

  • Remember faces and recognize people long after having seen them only once.
  • Remember names and small details about people.
  • Recall dates and places — there is no limit because you cannot “fill” your memory.
  • Impress others with how you can remember the smallest details as well as major facts.
  • Memorize speeches and presentations more easily with more detail.

Not all hypnotic inductions are equal. Just throwing together some mumbo-jumbo phrases out of a Hollywood movie will not produce an effective induction talk that works. Especially when the suggestions are for concentration and memory improvement.

It takes years of practice and research with topics like psycholexicography, subliminal overtones of voice and modulation, subtonic and subliminal thresholds, and much more. Anyone can sound like he knows what he is doing, but conducting an induction talk that really works is hard work.

This recorded induction talk is the product of years of research and practice with thousands of volunteers and people of all ages from all walks of life. It works for the largest number of people possible and gets results that are outstanding.

As you can see, something that seems as simple as a few minutes of hypnotic induction talk actually has a lot in it, and a lot of experience and research behind it. So don’t waste your time with stage hypnotists, amateurs or un-credentialed practitioners. Get the real thing.

When you listen to this induction it will seem easy and natural. Because it is. You don’t have to work at it or worry about drifting off into a “trance” where you are unaware of anything being said. (That’s called “sleep.”) The effectiveness does not come from some bizarre altered state of awareness. The power is in the timing, delivery and language. All you have to do is just listen and not worry about “being hypnotized.”

There is an area of memory development called mnemonics (pronounced “new-mawniks”) that, when combined with this subconscious conditioning approach, can turn you into an awesome memory machine.

Here are some resources if you are interested:
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One of the best resources for mnemonic techniques is a book that periodically goes in and out of print. The title is Stop Forgetting by Bruno Furst.

Charles E. Henderson, Ph.D.The research that led to the information on this CD, as well as the voice on it, is that of Dr. Charles Edwin Henderson – research, academic and clinical psychologist. He is internationally recognized as a leading authority on hypnosis and its applications.

Here is a sample of Dr. Henderson‘s voice.

All-In Selling book by neuroscientist and subliminal authority Charles Edwin Henderson, PhD