Better Health and Weight Control CD

Better Health
combined with
Weight Control

(Two separate programs)

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Your mental state has a lot to do with the state of your health. The better your attitude, the healthier you will be.

Another key ingredient of health is the control by your subconscious mind. A very large number of physical processes are controlled by the mind.

This professionally produced hypnotic induction is specially designed to do two things. One, it influences your mind to produce a good health state. And two, it improves your mental attitude.

Better Health CD

Please go to the “Lose Weight and Better Health CD” page for complete information. There you will find a complete description of the Better Health part of the CD.

The “Better Health” program of hypnosis and special suggestions is included on the Weight Control CD.

The two programs are separate on the CD.  Band 1 is the weight control induction. Band 2 is the Psychosonic™ Rhythm (no subliminals).

Band 3 is the Better Health Induction talk. It is 17 minutes long and has specially worded suggestions for better health.

Band 4 contains instructions for use of Band 3. It is not complicated but these instructions show how to do it properly.


Psychosonic Rhythm and Better Health

Both the health and weight control hypnotic inductions are more powerful with Psychosonic Rhythm in the background. This is a soft pulsing beat especially developed in Dr. Henderson’s laboratory to help in hypnotic and self-hypnotic inductions.

The Rhythm does a number of helpful things, including the generation of specific brain waves helpful in hypnosis. It also masks out distracting sounds.

More information about the Psychosonic Rhythm is available on the “Lose Weight and Better Health” page, and on the “Psychosonic Rhythm” page.

You can also order the Psychosonic Rhythm as a download by itself, or on various CDs.


This is not a substitute for medical treatment. It helps make treatment more effective. Hypnosis has no unpleasant side effects and is completely safe. (As long as it is not used as a substitute for medical treatment.)


Charles E. Henderson, Ph.D.The voice on the recordings on this CD is that of Dr. Charles Edwin Henderson – research, academic and clinical psychologist and neuroscientist. He is internationally recognized as a leading authority on the applications of self-hypnosis and subliminal persuasion.

Listen to a sample of Dr. Henderson‘s voice.

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