Self-Hypnosis CDs by Dr. Charles E. Henderson

Application and training aids for guaranteed results

Professional quality recorded self-hypnosis CDs with induction talks and supporting information. The best way to get quick results that are guaranteed to put you in charge of your life.

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Hypnotic Inductions by Dr. Henderson

(audio CD) Hypnotic induction talks by Dr. Charles Henderson. Four versions with three different backgrounds plus one with Psychosonic™ Rhythm only. more…

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lose weight better health hypnosis CD

Lose Weight / Better Health

(Audio CD) Two complete programs: Lose Weight and Better Health.  Specially worded to lose weight and keep it off, and develop better health. more…

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overcoming shyness cd picture

Overcoming Shyness

(Audio CD) Both an information and a hypnotic induction CD on how to overcome shyness. The hypnotic induction has specially formulated suggestions for overcoming shyness. more…

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Deep Muscle Relaxation

This compact disk includes progressive muscle relaxation plus instructions for use and a 30-minute recording of the Psychosonic™ Rhythm with subliminals for independent relaxation. more…

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questioning and suggestion cd pix

Hypnotic Suggestion and Subconscious Questioning

Hypnotic suggestion formulation and application combined with subconscious questioning. Methods and techniques for the formulation of effective and fast acting self hypnosis suggestions. more…

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quitting smoking cd pix

Quitting Smoking

Hypnotic induction with special suggestions for quitting smoking. Includes an audio course on questioning the subconscious to get at the real reasons for smoking and help personalize suggestions for easier, permanent results. more…

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Improve Memory and Concentration CD picture

Concentration & Memory

A specially worded hypnotic induction with suggestions designed to improve mental concentration and the ability to remember names, faces, facts, or any other kind of information. more…
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You can do it with self-hypnosis book on CD picture.

You Can Do It with Self-Hypnosis

This 1987 classic, originally published by Prentice-Hall (New York), is now available from in Kindle format and from Biocentrix in PDF format on Compact Disk. more…

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