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The material is really really good ...

I bought the book, self-hypnosis, for the life you want, a week ago and am thoroughly enthralled with it. It answered so many questions that I have spent many an eon looking into. It is so good that I just ordered another hardbound book for my business partner.

Very honest and professional site. Almost impossible to find this kind of integrity on the net.

I love this site. It was not only amazingly informative, but it helped me with exactly what I needed in a lighthearted, easy to understand way. Thanks!

Hello.. I remember learning about Hypnosis from your site about 5 years ago.. I am a medical doctor but I feel that your website proved to be the starting point in an interest which I am continuing to this day studying a diploma course on hypnotherapy.. So well done and keep up the good work...

Thank you for opening up this tool for me. I had tried hypnosis before but it never worked. No one had ever shown me how to develop proper suggestions. Since I started using your method, the results have been nothing short of amazing. I have effortlessly stopped watching television and started losing weight. But those are just the superficial changes, the way I have started to think about myself is such a relief, I can't describe it. Thank you so much.

I am reading the newest book on self-hypnosis. Bravo, great work.

Thanks for the feedback. This book is such a wonderful resource. I tried hypnosis a long time ago but gave it up when I couldn't produce any results with it. Now I know why it didn't work. The advice on autoquestioning, suggestion formation and confirmation is very effective. I have already begun to see substantial changes.

I'm very impressed with your book, "self-hypnosis for the life you want" as well as the tapes I've purchased and will look forward to receiving this next cassette.

One of the best sites on " hypnotic suggestions" that I have ever found.

... just amazing all the help and info you provide .. it helped me overcome years of social phobia.. thanks.

I received my order on Mon and played the Weight control first. When I first ordered I was kind of doubtful and hesitant that any of this would really work. But to my delightful surprise I can see I made a good investment. I ran the Induction and it was wonderful. I've never been in such a state of serenity....Thank you again.

My husband bought the shyness tape three weeks ago, and is finding himself starting conversations with people on his own! He used to find excuses to leave meetings early so he wouldn't need to talk to people, when the meeting was over. He would hide when a meeting had a break. Now he doesn't! He is surprising himself.

Over the years I have purchased numerous records, tapes and hypnosis aids. Some of them cost in the hundreds of dollars. Most of them at least partially worked. Your tape is different. It is fantastic. I have never seen anything like it. It is the best I have ever seen, bar none. The success I have had with it in just a few days has been worth many times the price and I have every reason to believe that the future will be even better.

I do like the 'psychosonic' background as it does seem to help facilitate my concentration, minimizing any 'outside' distractions.

I purchased your relaxation tape for my 17 YO daughter. She was having a very difficult time relaxing and going to sleep at night. She loves the tape, says she has never been able to stay awake to hear the end of it.

I started last Saturday after my morning coffee doing one session per day....I started eating less after the first session...I've taken off 5 lbs since Saturday!

I tried the tape for quitting smoking and much to my surprise it worked!!! I'm still shocked and it's been over 2 years!! Thank you!!!!

Since attending your seminar here over a year ago, I have ordered various hypnosis tapes from other sources, and I must say that without any doubt, your tapes are absolutely the best.

I took your one-day seminar at the Regency Inn last fall. I also bought the "regular induction" cassette which I used successfully to quit smoking. I haven't had a cigarette since.

Your method is fantastic! I have lost 33 pounds and it was so easy that I still find it hard to believe…I cannot thank you enough.

It is with pleasure that I write you and tell you that your  method of weight control has given me a new outlook on life in general. I am no longer a prisoner to food and I find that I can control my emotions as well as changing my eating habits. In no time at all, and with little effort, I have shed fifteen pounds and I feel better.

Thank you more than you'll ever know for your book and CD's. The information in your book is proving of immense value to free my life from an incredible sense of "stuckness" and despair concerning not being able to achieve a future worth something to me. The results have been wondrous.

By the way, your explanation of the ways in which the conscious mind and subconscious mind work with inductive and deductive reasoning was absolutely brilliant. For the first time (and I have studied self-hypnosis for a long time now) I fully begin to understand the reasoning processes of the conscious and the subconscious minds. Thank you very much.

Well, I never thought I'd see this day. I don't think I can thank you enough, my hayfever has been cured and no longer affects me, and all due to this very informative website and your vast knowledge on the subject of self-hypnosis. Thanks.

I used … this method years ago, It brought me through some real hard times and it works very well, … Again thanks.

I had one of your tapes a few years ago. It worked GREAT! Looking forward to developing the skill again... Thanks.

Based on your helpful material my husband and I have engaged in some interesting talks about Evil Eye (definitely an inner fear of mine) and the hidden issues between couples (I think he is more comfortable w/ me over weight and has definitely suggested 'let's get an ice cream' too often, sometimes on my very first day of a new diet) umm, I thought so! :=) but he cares so, he's going to be 'in on this w/ me.' He thinks he too will listen to the tapes (he's not overweight) to help him w/ his stage fright, (but he loves to sing), Funny how we mess up our mind or let our mind mess up our lives.

I am writing from the University of Pittsburgh, Copyright Clearance Office. I would like permission to use 'Good Things To Know About Hypnosis.' This is needed for Professor Kathleen Tusaie-Mumford's Summer course.

 Would just like to thank you for your very informative website! It has taught me so much about self-hypnosis! I'm 'practicing' everyday now and have never slept so wonderfully!!

Anyway, the reason for this e-mail is to tell you a really cool story and the Chevreul pendulum. I couldn't find my glasses, so I whipped out my paper with the diagram on it. I explained the situation to my subconscious. [Did some questioning and learned that] to my surprise, my glasses were on a table next to the trampoline. Thanks for teaching me the pendulum.

I really like your style of getting the fundamentals of hypnosis across. You are so down to earth and take away the mystical 'wave of the wand' that most people expect when they think of hypnotherapy.

I purchased some of your tapes. Well done! . . . keep being irreverent, using politically incorrect words and, God forbid!, expressing yourself as you are and not as you might want others to regard you. It's refreshing as well as so needed in this droll times of scripted lives.

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your writing style. Your sense of humor, conversational tone and 'anyone can do it' attitude is refreshing and empowering. I 've always viewed myself as "too uptight" to excel at self-hypnosis, but your material has changed my mind.

Hearty Congratulations on an ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS site!!!! ... After 25 years of doing psychotherapy/counseling, it is gratifying and energizing to be learning something new, profound and immensely practical. I have already e-mailed three people about your site. I find it wonderfully accessible for all educational levels. It is clear and concise--and the humor doesn't hurt! It is inspiring and empowering. You can be very proud of providing such excellent instruction & service for people! Thank you very much for teaching me more and for increasing both my interest & skills. I'll certainly be referring clients to your site to augment what we do in session! Thanks again! May you live a long and healthy life! With deepest gratitude,

Please Help! I'm thoroughly impressed with You Can Do It With HYPNOSIS by C. E. Henderson. The copy I've borrowed has been a tremendous help to me and I feel I MUST acquire a copy of my own!

I enjoy your tapes so much, I would like to have as many as possible!

…However, I honestly believe that my ability to induce relaxation, and my previous suggestions of being better and better organized…guided me through this experience…calming relaxation played an important part in my escaping from the situation unharmed…I have no doubt in my mind that self-hypnosis saved my life. [The "situation" occurred when this writer was kidnapped and later escaped on her own by being brave and clever.]

I sincerely believe this has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. Thanks so much for understanding and helping people who have a hard time losing weight.

…I have known complete relaxation, which I never had before. I continue to experience a state of Euphoria, & find those little petty things don't bother me anymore.

I can also say, honestly, the desire for food has completely left me. I only eat now because I "have" to.