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Charles E. Henderson, Ph.D. 

“Are you the guy...?”

I am occasionally asked if I'm "the same guy" someone saw do a seminar one time. Or if I'm the "same Professor Henderson" who taught such-and-such a college course way back when.

The easiest way to answer that question is with a picture. That's me over to your left.

This is what I looked like back when I was doing seminars around the US. It is also pretty much (well, okay, drop the "pretty") the way I looked when I was teaching. (Except for the suit.)

So if this looks like the guy who did that seminar you went to, or whatever it is you are remembering, then, yup, I'm the guy. (Unless you are unhappy about the experience, in which case it must have been someone else.)

Picture of Dr. Henderson Dr. Charles E. "Chuck" Henderson, Ph.D.

Listed in Who's Who in Science and Engineering (5th Ed.). Born in Texas, raised in Oklahoma, finished high school in Colorado; lettered in football and boxing, solo clarinet in band; started working as a musician in dives and dance halls at age 15; U.S. Army (infantry first, then musician in Europe: 8th Division Band, 7th Army Symphony, 357th Special Services (all in Germany).  Sales management Washington, DC, New York and Denver, Colorado. 

Moderately educated with a BA in psychology (University of Colorado); graduate work (University of New Mexico); MA and Ph.D. (University of Denver); psychologist (Title VI, public schools) and college teacher (various universities and colleges). Author of seven books and a bunch of scientific papers. Lives in a rustic part of New York with his wife and other wild things and likes it (and her and them) a lot.