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Hypnosis induction cd
induction cd

Hypnotic Induction  (audio CD). My hypnotic induction recorded with three environments: 1) plain, just my voice; 2) plain Psychosonic™ Rhythm, no subliminals; and 3) Psychosonic Rhythm with subliminals. The fourth recording on this CD is the Psychosonic Rhythm by itself (without subliminals).  More…
weight control cd
weight control cd

Weight Control & Better Health (audio CD).  Two complete programs on one CD: Weight Control and Better Health. Band 1 is my hypnotic induction for weight control with Psychosonic™ Rhythm in the background. Band 2 is the rhythm by itself. Band 3 is my hypnotic induction for better health, and Band 4 is my instructions for use of the better health induction.  More…
overcoming shyness cd
overcoming shyness cd

Overcoming Shyness (audio CD). A complete program for overcoming shyness. Band 1 is my hypnotic induction for conquering shyness. Band 2 is my instructions. Band 3 is a repeat of my induction, but with Psychosonic™ Rhythm in the background. Band 4 is the same as 3 except the rhythm contains subliminals, and Band 5 is the Psychosonic Rhythm by itself.  More…
deep relaxation cd
deep relaxation cd

Deep Relaxation
(audio CD). Just get comfortable and listen to my voice as I guide you through a progressive methods of deep relaxation. Band 1 contains my recorded instructions for using this CD. Band 2 is the guided muscle tensing-releasing procedure for deep relaxation, and Band 3 is the Psychosonic™ Rhythm with subliminals for independent relaxation practice. More…
concentration and memory improvement cd
concentration and memory cd

Concentration and Memory (audio CD). Band 1 is my recorded instructions on how to use this CD. Band 2 is my hypnotic induction to improve your ability to focus and remember. Band 3 is the Psychosonic™ Rhythm by itself for practicing without the CD. Just about everyone can improve the natural functioning of memory and concentration, and that's what this CD is all about.  More…
ideomotor questioning and suggestion cd
autoquestioning and autosuggestion cd

Autoquestioning & Autosuggestion (audio CD). This information CD is a compilation of Autoquestioning and Suggestion Formulation and Application. First you do autoquestioning to determine what you need to know about yourself, then you formulate and apply suggestions based on that information. There is also information on how to formulate and use waking suggestions that do not require a hypnotic state (good for reinforcement in situations where self-hypnosis is not appropriate).   More…
quitting smoking and better health cd
smoking health cd

Quitting Smoking for Better Health (audio CD). The quitting smoking section of this CD makes quitting easier with fewer side effects. The better health program is included as a bonus. Band 1: Hypnotic induction for quitting smoking with Psychosonic™ Rhythm. Band 2: Autoquestioning Techniques. Band 3: Autoquestioning Strategies.   More…
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