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    9 Rules of Self Hypnosis Practice

    Self hypnosis practice is fairly simple but there are a few ground rules and methods that can make your practice more efficient and effective. Get the most from the awesome power of your inner mind by doing it right.

    Self Hypnosis FAQ

    Unusual and interesting questions about self hypnosis answered by one of the leading authorities on the personal, professional and clinical uses of self hypnosis.

    Salesmanship for All

    Learn how to sell your ideas, products or services and you will succeed at anything that involves other people. You can develop your salesmanship to a powerful, almost mystical quality. Here’s how one farm boy did it and retired early.

    Subliminal Perception

    Subliminal perception and how it works from one of the topic’s original research scientists who actually knows what he is talking about. Subliminals are powerful when used correctly, useless when not.

    Self Hypnosis Suggestibility Test

    An easy self hypnosis suggestibility depth test you can do yourself (or with help from a friend) to measure just how good you can expect to be with self hypnosis in weight control, quitting smoking, memory improvement, and many other areas of personal development.

    Pain Control with Self Hypnosis

    Pain control with self hypnosis works for dental, medical, sports, all kinds of pain and discomfort. Both healing and performance are better without pain. This case history illustrates the amazing ability of the mind to control pain. It’s about the day Clarice broke a tooth while shoveling snow.

    Subconscious Mind Questioning

    Your subconscious mind controls a lot of what you do. Yet it is a storehouse of beliefs, attitudes and values you consciously know little or nothing about. Here are 4 ways to unlock your subconscious mind and learn about it.

    Weight Control Without Willpower

    Losing weight and keeping it off is almost impossible with willpower alone. Self hypnosis makes it possible for you to change everything from eating desire to metabolism (you can trick it to get rid of fat instead of storing it in all those embarrassing places).