Self-Hypnosis for the Life You Want

Downloads, CDs and books that show you how to
put self-hypnosis to work to reach your goals
and be successful

Self-Hypnosis Books, CDs, Tapes and Downloads

Self-hypnosis inductions and training materials
that make it simple and easy to put the immense power of
your inner mind to work to reach and exceed your goals.


self hypnosis book by charles e henderson


These books show – in easy to understand language – how to put yourself back in the driver’s seat and take control of your life, your career, and your relationships with others. Available in both print and digital formats. more…
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Recorded hypnotic inductions and instructions by one of the most famous teachers of hypnosis and personal development. All you have to do is listen to go into a safe, pleasant hypnotic state. more…

Available on CDs,  MP3 downloads, and audio cassette tapes.

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Hypnosis inductions and instructions for personal and career development projects like weight control, overcoming shyness, stress management, concentration and memory, and many others. More…


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